About Us

Our group studies the nonlinear interaction between light and matter. Our research covers various areas of quantum and nonlinear optics from the single photon level to terawatts. Research areas includes ultrafast nonlinear optics, nanophotonics, nonlinear propagation in fibers and bulk media, the generation and processing of quantum light fields, and stimulated scattering processes.

Active Research Projects

All-Optical Computing and Signal Processing

Our research involves the investigation of photonics based approaches for optical computing and signal-processing. We are developing all-optical techniques for all-optical computing, random number generation, and ultrafast signal processing.

Frequency Comb Generation

Guiding and confining light in micro- and nano-scale devices can greatly enhance the efficiency and bandwidth of nonlinear optical interactions. We investigate sub-micron silicon nitride optical waveguides and resonators as nonlinear optical elements for optical frequency comb generation.